Rogaine mousse

A) Hair weight change of TRX2® formulation supplementation in the active treatment group (left), placebo in the placebo group (middle) and TRX2® formulation supplementation in the group that was switched from placebo to TRX2® after 9 months (switched group) (right). While this information is to be found with a little digging on the internet on public domain web sites operated by the US government, we owe it to Mr.

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Active substanceTo be specified in regulations

Packagingin blister packs of 100 tablets

Expiration date21.09.2027



International nameRogaine mousse



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Rogaine Mousse

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Customer Reviews
by vadimka21, 26.01.2016

Simply add it to YOUR home-made shampoo or conditioners to crank up their cleansing ability without the harsh drying effects of commercial products. This over the counter hair loss shampoo is recommended for both women and men for halting and preventing hair loss. Whilst Rogaine brings some benefits to grow hair fast, it should be noted that it is not an all out baldness cure.

by voroshilka1, 26.01.2016

While no one treatment is guaranteed to work for everyone, many individuals, both men and women, have had success with hair loss treatment. It is thought that hair follicles can become very sensitive to dihydrotestosterone and that it is this over sensitivity that leads to the hair follicle shrinking. These procedures pull at hair over a period of time but loss can be prevented if recognized and treated early.

by hrymann, 04.01.2016


by rjkjvjtw, 05.01.2016

Minoxidil industrializado pode causar essa queda excessiva nos cabelos em algumas pessoas logo que se inicia uso.

by milaira1, 23.12.2015

Magnesium and hair loss have been studied for several years as have DHT blockers. As she brushed her 17-inch long, sandy blonde hair out of her eyes and tucked it behind her ears, she talked about why she was giving it up for Locks of Love.

by djibik222, 18.12.2015

I am using Minoxidil 5 Rootz M5, and Folliderm Tab, since 6 months now, it has completely stopped my Hair fall, and even I witnessed new hair growth. Minoxidil is available without a prescription, but you must use it continually for the rest of your life to maintain any new hair growth. The product should be easy to use, safe for all eye colours and skin colours; it should not have any temporary or permanent side effects; it should be non-allergenic and hopefully priced under 100.

by knekne, 26.02.2016

I think from a medication safety standpoint you always have to have the lights on, read the bottle to confirm the medicine you want to take and use the correct measuring device, like a syringe that will say 5 ccs or 10 ccs as opposed to a teaspoon or tablespoon from the kitchen, said Wahl, who was not involved in the study.

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